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Introducing Integrate
Example workflow
Quantemplate Integrate provides a completely flexible toolset to cleanse and harmonise your data.
Most workflows in Quantemplate follow this structure:

1. Create a pipeline

In the Integrate view, create a new pipeline.

2. Upload raw data

In the inputs tab, drag and drop your raw data files.

3. Define the data area

Use Remove rows to identify the data area, then define the column headers via a Detect headersoperation.

4. Add stages and operations

Transformations, Joins and Unions incrementally as required.

5. Run the pipeline to preview the outcome

Running the pipeline makes the results available within the pipeline outputs, but does not export them to your data repo.

6. Review outputs

Review the output data, validation report and mapping reports from the outputs tab, then download directly, or export to your data repo to share or send to Analyse for querying and visualisation.
Accelerate pipeline run times by disabling stage outputs which are not required for export. See Exporting stage outputs for details.