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Introducing feeds
About feeds

Feeds are a new way to bring data into Quantemplate, distribute data to partners, automate submission requests and track data versions.

How it works

A data-consuming organisation can set up a feed to automatically request data from partner organisations. Data uploaded to a feed is tied to specific submission, e.g. ‘May 2024’ or ‘Walmart Sov’. The status and punctuality of submissions is tracked, and data automatically flows through to pipelines for processing and validation.

Feeds can also distribute data to partner organisations, providing a secure handoff point and an immutable data record for both parties.

Feed types

Leading and following feeds

A Feed Leader is an organisation that sets up the feed and controls the configuration of its subsections, schedules and partners.

A Feed Follower is an organisation that can only view, upload or download data from a Feed. Control of the parameters is managed by the Leader organisation.

Feed In

Feed Out

Initial releases of feeds
In the initial releases of the Feeds feature, all Feeds are Feeds In Leading, accessible only within the Leading organisation.

Feeds ecosystem

Feeds enable data to be transacted across the re/insurance ecosystem: from MGAs, to Brokers, Carriers and Reinsurers.


Currently, you can create submissions manually, then request data from members of your organisation. You can connect a feed to a pipeline and have it add new data to the pipeline automatically.

We’ll soon be releasing capabilities to: