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Managing pipelines

Permissions and sharing

Quantemplate’s permission model allows you to provide different levels of access to your Integrate pipelines within your organisation, and share pipeline outputs with other organisations.

There are two permission levels for Integrate pipelines:

Sharing a pipeline

Only owners are able to control sharing settings on a pipeline.

To share a pipeline with other members of your organisation:

  1. Click the share button in the toolbar.
  2. Click in the ‘Share with more people field’ and select a person to share with.
  3. Add more people if desired.
  4. Select the invitees’ access permissions (edit, owner).
  5. Click the share button in the popup.

To share with all members of your organisation, select the organisation entry from the list of sharing suggestions.

To change a person’s permissions level for a pipeline, select a new permission level next their entry in the permissions popup.

To remove a person’s access to pipeline, click the cross next their entry in the permissions popup.

Sharing a pipeline will also share the uploaded source datasets and any output datasets.

For data security, any reference datasets stored in your data repo are shared separately. When sharing a pipeline, invitees will need to be given access to any reference datasets in order for the output to produce the expected results.

Note that data from any reference datasets will be included in pipeline outputs from previous runs, regardless of whether that reference dataset has been shared.

Read more about sharing datasets.

Leaving a pipeline

Editors can revoke their access to a pipeline by clicking the cross button next to the pipeline entry in their Integrate repo.

Sharing pipeline outputs

Output datasets can be shared with other organisations in Quantemplate which you belong to. Whenever the pipeline is run and the output datasets are updated, the other organisation will receive your updated data.

To share output datasets:

  1. Run the pipeline.
  2. Click on the export button and export your desired output datasets to your data repo (see Exporting datasets).
  3. In the export popup, go to the share outputs tab. Your exported datasets will be available for sharing.
  4. Select the organisation you wish to share your datasets with.
  5. Toggle on the outputs you wish to share.
  6. To share with more organisations which you belong to, click the plus button.

Permissions and sharing tutorial