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Using feeds
Initial setup

Once a feed has been created, named and shared within your organisation, it is ready to use.

First, add any subsections required. Then create a submission to upload or request data.

Add subsections

Subsections enable different types of data to be captured by the same submission, e.g. Premium and Claims.

Subsections apply to all new submissions within a feed. If a subsection is added or removed, the changes will only be present in newly created submissions.

Feed owners can view and edit the current subsections for a Feed in its sidepanel. Subsections are ordered in the order they are created.

To add a subsection, click the ‘+’ button in the subsection part of the sidepanel.

To remove a subsection, click the ‘...’ button that appears when hovering over a subsection and select ‘Remove subsection’ from the context menu.

To rename a subsection, click the subsection name and edit it. The changes will be applied to all subsections in a feed, including those with data already submitted to them.

Create submissions

To create a new submission within a feed:

  1. Click the green ‘New submission’ button on the top right.
  2. Enter the name of the submission.
  3. Select whether to submit data yourself now, request data from another user, or create a draft submission to which data or requests can be added later.

Archive submissions

When a submission is archived, its data will no longer be available to pipelines.

To archive a submission, click the three-dots on the top right of the submission panel, then select ‘Archive’ from the context menu.

When viewing data in an archived submission, the ‘Archived submission’ notification is displayed.

To show archived submissions, click the ‘Show archived’ button in the submissions menu bar.

To restore an archived submission, click the three-dots on the top right of the submission panel, then select ‘Restore’ from the context menu.

Schedule submissions

Coming soon: automatically create new submissions and send data requests on a schedule.

Request data

Feed owners and managers can request that data is added to a submission by another Quantemplate user in their organisation.

To add or request data for a submission:

  1. When creating the submission, select the option to request data from another user in your organisation.
  2. Confirm the users in your organisation who will be notified, add more if needed. Any new users added in this step will be given Submitter level access to the feed.
  3. Add any additional notes for the data submitter and click ‘Send request’.

The data request email includes:

Requesting data from partner organisations

Coming soon: request data from users in partner organisations. Partner organisation users can upload data directly in their own secure Quantemplate environment. No additional licences required.