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Primary Operations

Add a column of values calculated from other columns in your dataset.
Detect Headers

Convert the first row(s) of the input data into column headers.
Script operation
Map Column Headers

Map column names from their source name to a desired name.
Add, remove or reorder columns.
Map Values

Map values from their source value to a desired value. Incorporating Automap Values.
Remove Rows

Remove rows with specific column values, typically insignificant rows such as headers, totals and subtotals.

Configure data validation rules and actions.
Advanced Operations

Pivot, merge and aggregate rows according to the values in a selected column. Define the aggregation method (Sum, Min, Max, Mean) and validate merges are as expected.
Append Filename

Create a new column with the name of the file from which the row originated.
Script operation
Append If Missing

Add a column if not already present.
Script operation
Clip From Column

Remove all data before or after a column.
Script operation
Combine Columns

Create a new column combining the content of two or more other columns.
Script operation
Date Cleanse

Convert incoming dates to Basic ISO format for use in Quantemplate. Remove invalid dates and replace with blanks. Capture invalid dates in a Validation Report.
Date Output

Convert dates from Basic ISO format to other formats for use in downstream systems outside Quantemplate.
Fill Down

Replace blanks with the value from the row above.
Number Format

Convert values from a regional number format so they can be interpreted by Quantemplate e.g. 100.000,00 to 100000.
Script operation

Splits the table according to values in a defined column.

Find and replace characters using Regular Expressions (Regex) pattern matching.
Select Columns

Create new table from selected columns.
Script operation
Swing Down

Transpose the headers of selected columns into rows in a new column.

Insert one of the custom Quantemplate scripts below
Script operation
Offset Column

Script to take the contents of a column and repeat it in a new column, offsetting the values by one row.
Stack Grids

Script to split a file vertically on selected columns, stacking each slice horizontally.