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Admin tools allow users with an Admin role to manage members of their organisation, edit organisation details and view public API credentials. They are only available to users with an Admin role within their organisation.

To access the Admin tools, click on the Admin tab in the main navigation bar.

Manage members

Click on the Members item in the side bar to view a list of members of your organisation.

The list displays each member's name, email, the date they were added to the organisation, the number of organisations they are a member of and whether they are an Admin. The list can be sorted by any of these criteria.

For members added before September 2023, the date added is not available.

Invite new members

To invite new members, click ‘Invite new’ and enter their email addresses. For multiple members, a list of emails can be pasted in.

The new members will be added to the organisation immediately. Their user name will initially be their email address.

New members will be sent a link to set up their password and Multi Factor Authentication. When they log in for the first time, they will be shown a welcome page where they can set their name and profile photo.

If an invitee already belongs to an organisation on Quantemplate, when they are added to a new organisation they will be sent a notification email.

Member profile

To view a member profile, click on their entry in the members list. The profile panel on the right displays their name, profile photo and any organisations you both are members of.

Remove members

To remove a member:

  1. Click on their entry in the members list to open their profile panel.
  2. Check to see if they belong to any other organisations you are a member of. If they need to be removed from another organisation too, switch to that organisation and repeat these steps.
  3. Click the ‘Remove member’ button to open a popup.
  4. Within the popup, optionally choose to migrate documents they own to another member. If the field is left blank, their documents will not be migrated and may become inaccessible or unsharable.
  5. Click ‘Remove member’. They will be removed from your organisation immediately and will receive an email notification. They will retain access to any organisations they are still a member of.

When a member is removed from an organisation, they will be sent a notification email.

Admins are responsible for removing users
Admins are responsible for removing members from their organisation who should no longer have access.
Unless your organisation uses only SSO login, if someone leaves your company, they may still be able to log in to Quantemplate until an Admin revokes their access – even if they no longer have access to their company email account.

Leave your organisation

To leave an organisation, you will need to ask another Admin within the organisation to remove you.

Make member an Admin

About the Admin role

Organisation Admins have the following capabilities:

Appoint or revoke an Admin

To make a member an Admin, click the ‘Make Admin’ button on their profile panel.

To revoke their Admin status, click the ‘Revoke Admin’ button.

When a member’s Admin status changes, they will be sent a notification email.

Remove your own Admin role

To remove your own Admin role, you will need to ask another Admin within the organisation. Once your role has been removed, you will no longer have access to the Admin tools.

Reset Multi Factor Authentication (MFA)

If a user no longer has access to their MFA device, or their device has been reset, they may need their MFA to be to reset in order to access Quantemplate. To do this, click the ‘Reset Multi Factor Authentication’ button on their profile panel.

When a user’s MFA is reset, they will be sent a notification email.

Always verify an MFA reset request is genuine
Be security conscious. If you receive an MFA reset request from a user, take care to verify their request is genuine. Speak to them in person or contact them via medium other than email.
It’s possible that a user’s email account could have been compromised, initiating a password reset on Quantemplate. The attacker would then need to set up MFA for Quantemplate on their own device to gain access. Initiating an MFA reset would allow them to do this.

Manage organisation details

Click on the Organisation entry in the side bar to view and edit organisation details, and see organisation Admins.

Edit organisation name

Click on the organisation name to edit it. The name is displayed to all members of your organisation.

Edit organisation logo

Click on the organisation logo to upload a new one. The logo is displayed to all members of your organisation.

View API details

If your organisation has API access enabled, click on the API entry in the side bar to view your organisation’s API Client ID. Your API Client Secret was given when API access was enabled; it cannot be shared.

To enable API access, contact