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Frames are the building blocks of your report. They can be created, deleted, resized and repositioned to give you complete control of the presentation of your data.
Frame Types
Query, filter and visualise your data. See Pivot tables and Graphs.
Loss development
Create loss triangles / chain ladder models.
Insert and style text boxes.
Insert, size and crop images.
Report data source
Set and filter a data source for the whole report. See Set the data source.
Export a print-optimised PDF of the report. See Print reports.

Working with frames
Create a new frame by clicking on one of the frame buttons in the toolbar. Click and drag to reposition. Double click to edit the contents of the frame.
Duplicate, delete
Create an exact copy of the frame, or delete it.
Bring to front, send to back
If a new frame is added, if positioned over an existing frame, it sits on top of it. Use the bring to front and send to back buttons to change the layering order. This is particularly useful if putting type or a logos over an image.