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Feeds workspace

Feeds are organised in the feeds repo. Click on a feed to view its submissions.

The submissions view shows all the available submissions within a feed, their subsections, statuses and submitted data.


A feed is made up of submissions. A submission represents one of the packets of data received. For a Feed In, users add files to a submission and submit only the data to be processed.


Jan 2024, Feb 2024, etc.
JTesco SoV, Walmart SoV, etc.

The feed view displays the following information:

  • Submission name, e.g. Jan 2024.
  • Requested date
  • Submission Status
  • Files uploaded to a submission or subsection
  • File row counts
  • The date the file was added. Click on this to show the user who added it.

View or download the data

To view the data within a submission, click the item within the submission view to navigate to the data view.

The data view shows the first 1,000 rows of submitted data. To filter the data, click the filter icon or type ‘F’ to show the filter bar.

To navigate between different subsections within the submission, click on the subsection name.

To navigate between different versions of the submitted data, click on the version number. Read more about data versioning in feeds.

To navigate between different files within the submission, click on the file name.

To download the data, click the download button on the top right. If filters are applied, only the filtered data will be downloaded.

Submissions can be sorted by submission name, requested date, updated date, updated by user. Click the arrow button to reverse the sort direction.

Click in the search field to search submissions by name.

Filter submissions

The submissions view has a sidebar indicating the number of submissions at each status level. Click on a status level to filter the list to show only that status level.

See Create submissions for more information on managing subsections.


A submission can contain multiple subsections. A subsection represents the discrete components of a submission which may need to be treated separately by a pipeline, or may be submitted by different people.


Premiums, Claims, Cash
SoV, Limit, Deductible

Not all subsections need to be submitted at same the time or by the same person.

See Add subsections for more information on managing subsections.


Submissions are automatically assigned the following statuses:

  • Draft
    No data submitted; won’t appear in pipeline input selector.
  • Waiting for data
    If requesting data from another user, a notification has been sent.
  • Submitted
    All the expected data has been added to the submission.
  • Partially submitted
    Some of the expected data has been added to the submission, some has not.
  • Resubmission
    A resubmission has been requested, but not fulfilled.

Feeds are then assigned an overall status based on the most urgent submission status they contain, for example if a feed contains a submission with the status resubmission, the overall feed status is resubmission. Feed statuses are displayed in the feeds repo.