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Pipeline tutorials

Getting started with pipelines
Walk-through the full Pipeline workflow.
To get started with pipelines see About Pipelines.
Exporting data
Download, export and output your data.
For more information see Import and Export help.
Calculated Columns
Apply calculations and functions to your source data.
For more information see Calculate.
Map Column Headers
Map column names, and add, remove or reorder columns.
For more information see Map Columns help.
Map Values
Map source values to a desired value.
For more information see Map Values help.
Automap Values
Automatically compare disparate source values to a known good set of values in a reference dataset, then map them to the best match. This video is a short overview of a company name cleansing use case.
For more information see Automap Values help.
Regular expressions
For more information on regular expressions see this page.
Union and Join
Combine datasets vertically (union) or horizontally (join).
For more information see Union help and Join help.
Configure validation rules and actions.
For more information on validation see Validation help.
Reusing pipelines
For more information on reusing pipelines see Reusing pipelines.