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Inputs and outputs
Pipeline inputs
Quantemplate imports raw data via Integrate pipelines, cleanses and harmonises, then outputs it to the data repo for downstream processes such as querying in Quantemplate Analyse or sending to external models.
About the data repo
The data repo is a storage area for clean datasets and reference data. Datasets with a single row of headers can be uploaded directly to the data repo. The upload process will ignore any blank rows above or below the data, or blank columns either side of the data. The first line of data will be interpreted as column headers. Read more about uploading data.
About the Inputs tab
Raw data is imported to Quantemplate via the uploader in the Inputs tab. The uploader allows bulk importing of files via drag-and-drop or via the browser’s file navigator. In addition to metadata about the uploaded files, the Inputs tab displays a log of the upload progress.
Files uploaded via the inputs tab will be available for use via the ‘Uploaded data’ section of the pipeline input selector.
Uploaded files can be removed from the pipeline via the remove button.
Supported file formats
Quantemplate supports XLS, XLSX, CSV and GZipped CSV files.
Uploading data
To upload source files to your pipeline:
  Click on the Inputs tab.

  Drag-and drop Excel or CSV files into the Inputs view. Alternatively, click the upload button and navigate to your files. Depending on the size of your dataset and the speed of your internet connection, uploading could take a few moments.

  Access your data via the ‘Uploaded data’ section in the pipeline inputs selector.