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Submitting data
Submit data

Respond to a data request

If you've received a Quantemplate data request via email, it's time to submit your data.

The data request email states which data is required. This might be for a certain period (e.g. June 2024), and for certain types of data (e.g. Premiums, Claims).

In the email, click the submit button or follow link and log in to Quantemplate. You will be taken to the feed you need to upload the data to. Follow the steps below to securely submit the data.

Upload and submit data

  1. Locate the submission the data has been requested for. It will have the status ‘Waiting for data’.
  2. Click the ‘Submit’ button and upload files into the submission popup which appears. Excel and CSV files with no password protection are accepted. Once uploaded, Excel files are shown as their constituent tabs.
  3. Select which files or file tabs contain the data to be processed and click ‘Continue’. Only assign the files or file tabs that are needed. If the request includes different kinds of data, such as Premium and Claims, follow the steps on screen to assign each uploaded file or file-tab to a subsection.
  4. Review the files that will be submitted. If you need to change anything, click the ‘Change’ button that appears when hovering over a file name. Once you're happy with your selection, click ‘Submit’.
Uploading duplicate filenames
You cannot upload a file with the same name as an existing upload to a submission. If you see the error message ‘[Filename] already exists’, rename the file before uploading it.

Submit only a part of the data

If a submission comprises multiple parts (e.g. Premium and Claims), it’s not necessary to submit them all at once. The parts can be submitted at different times, or by different people.

Once you have uploaded and assigned the data that you are able to submit, continue to the confirmation step and click ‘Submit your data’.

When uploading the remaining parts of the submission, previously uploaded files will be shown in the submission. Files or tabs that have been submitted cannot be selected to be submitted again.

Need to change your submission data?
Submissions are a permanent record of the data submitted, with every change recorded. If you need to resubmit your data, ask the requester to raise a resubmission request.

Questions about the data request

If you need to contact the data requester, contact them directly. Their email address is listed at the bottom of the data request email.