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About partner organisations

Output datasets can be shared between organisations in Quantemplate. Organisations which share data in this way are known as partner organsiations. To set up a partnership with another organisation, contact support.

Once a pipeline output has been exported to the Data repo it can be shared with a partner organisation. Whenever the pipeline is run and the output datasets are updated, the other organisation will receive your updated data.

All shared dataset will appear in the Partners tab of the receiving organisation’s input selector.

Once added to pipeline shared datasets will appear in Partners input.

Sharing pipeline outputs with a partner organisation

To share output datasets:

  1. Run the pipeline.
  2. Export an output to a destination dataset
  3. Once exported, click the partner sharing button which appears.
  4. In the partner sharing popup, select the organisations you wish to share the output with.

Once an output is shared, every time that output is exported, it will also be sent to the partner organisation, where it can be used as a pipeline input. Shared outputs are denoted by a green partners icon.

To stop sharing an output dataset, click the cross button next to the partner name. To end a sharing partnership and remove all sharing relationships, contact support. Note that the partner will retain a copy of data already sent.

If a shared output is removed from the pipeline outputs, it will continue to be shared with the partner organisation. It will only receive updates if the destination dataset is updated.