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Permissions and sharing

Levels of access

Quantemplate’s permission model allows you to provide different levels of access to your Analyse reports within your organisation.

There are three permission levels:

Sharing a report

Only owners are able to control sharing settings on a report.

To share a report with other members of your organisation:

  1. Click the share button in the toolbar.
  2. Click in the ‘Share with more people field’ and select a person to share with.
  3. Add more people if desired.
  4. Select the invitees’ access permissions (view, edit, owner).
  5. Click the share button in the popup.

To share with all members of your organisation, select the organisation entry from the list of sharing suggestions.

To change a person’s permissions level for a report, select a new permission level next to their entry in the permissions popup.

To remove a person’s access to report, click the cross next their entry in the permissions popup.

For maximum data security, datasets within Quantemplate are shared separately.
When sharing a report invitees should be given access to the report’s source datasets in order to view pivot tables and graphs.

If they do not have access to the underlying datasets they will see a redacted view.
Read more about sharing datasets.

Leaving a report

Editors and viewers can revoke their access to a report by clicking the cross button next to the report entry in their Analyse repo.

Video tutorial