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Submitting data

About resubmissions

If an issue is identified with the submitted data, the feed manager or owner can raise a resubmission request. This sends an email notification to the data submitter, detailing what needs to be resubmitted and why. Once the data has been resubmitted, it supersedes the previously submitted data. Previous versions of the data can be viewed or restored via the version switcher.

Raise a resubmission request

If you are a feed owner or manager, you can request that data is resubmitted. You can either send a notification to the original submitter, or upload the data yourself.

To request a resubmission:

  1. Locate the submission with the data that needs to be resubmitted.
  2. Click the three dots icon on the rop right of the submission. Select ‘Request resubmission’ from the context menu that appears.
  3. If the submission contains subsections, select which subsections should be resubmitted.
  4. Select who should resubmit the data: either the original submitter or uploading yourself. If uploading yourself, proceed to upload the new files select the files or tabs containing the data.
  5. If requesting data from the original submitter, confirm who the request will be sent to, then describe the reasons for the resubmission request (e.g. ‘Missing Earned Premium column’).

Resubmissions and pipelines

Once a resubmission has been received, it will be available to pipelines immediately.

If a submission is selected as a pipeline input and its data is resubmitted, the next time the pipeline is run it will use the resubmitted data.

If a submission is not selected as a pipeline input and its data is resubmitted, it will need to be selected as an input to be processed by the pipeline.

Respond to a resubmission request

If you've received a Quantemplate resubmission request via email, the recipient of your data has found an issue which requires the full file to be resubmitted. The notification email will describe the reason for the resubmission request.

To resubmit data, in the resubmission request email click the submit button or follow link and log in to Quantemplate.

Now follow these steps:

  1. Locate the submission the data has been requested for. It will have the status ‘Resubmission’.
  2. Click the ‘Resubmit’ button and upload files into the submission popup which appears. Upload the full file, not just the records with corrections. Excel and CSV files with no password protection are accepted. Once uploaded, Excel files are shown as their constituent tabs.
  3. Select which files or file tabs contain the data to be resubmitted and click ‘Continue’. Only assign the files or file tabs that are needed. If the resubmission request is for different kinds of data, such as Premium and Claims, follow the steps on screen to assign each uploaded file or file-tab to a subsection.
  4. Review the files that will be resubmitted. If you need to change anything, click the ‘Change’ button that appears when hovering over a file name. Once you're happy with your selection, click ‘Resubmit’.

Questions about the resubmission request

If you need to contact the resubmission requester, contact them directly. Their email address is listed at the bottom of the resubmission request email.